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Be skeptical of centralized systems from "summary" of Antifragile by Nassim Nicholas Taleb

The idea of being skeptical of centralized systems is not just a theoretical concept; it has real-world implications for how we organize our societies and institutions. Centralized systems are those that concentrate power, decision-making, and control in a single authority or entity. While these systems may offer certain advantages in terms of efficiency and coordination, they also come with significant risks. One of the main arguments against centralized systems is that they lack the flexibility and adaptability of decentralized systems. Centralized systems are often characterized by top-down decision-making processes that can be slow to respond to changing conditions or new information. In contrast, decentralized systems, by their very nature, are more nimble and able to adjust quickly to new circumstances. Another problem with centralized systems is that they are more vulnerable to catastrophic failure. Because so much power and control is concentrated in a single point, a failure at that point can have far-reaching consequences. This is known as the "fragility" of centralized systems - they are more susceptibl...
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    Nassim Nicholas Taleb

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