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Give your teams the winning edge

Explore book summaries and tailored collections aimed at transforming your team's productivity, learning and development.

Power of AI for your teams

Upskill and empower your team with the power of knowledge.

Largest library of useful insights

Oter is a book summary app with an infinitely scalable library of useful non-fiction titles - perfect for your and your team’s professional goals

Meet goals with 100 books a month

With 100 credits every month, help your teams reach their learning and development goals for the year

Microbooks for progress!

Give them the tools and ideas to amp up team productivity, boost focus and confidence and manage their time effectively


Oter for You and Your Teams

Explore our learning pathways for specific  professional goals


Be the star employee at work


Begin my professional journey


Master entrepreneurship


Level up as a team leader


And more...

Fast Track Your Team’s Growth and Development

With the largest Book Summary 📚 library in the world 🌍

With Audio 🎧 Microbooks so they can read 👀 and learn on their morning commute

With highlights to help them save ✍️ the ideas they liked

With the Lookup 👀 feature and Focus Mode to ensure uninterrupted learning

With a recommendation engine designed to bring them closer to the books and ideas that align with their goals.

Success Speaksoter for Itself

See what our customers are saying about how our solutions have transformed their businesses and accelerated their growth




Oter has been a handy tool in helping our teams upskill and upgrade their skills. We have specific tracks for individuals moving up from executive to managerial levels. With Oters customised learning pathways, we can ensure they are armed with the information they need to do justice in their new role



Holo Salon

Many of our teammates are hooked to learning on Oter. We are constantly recommending Microbooks to each other, the state-of-the-art recommendation engine ensures we always have relevant titles that we can read, share and utilise for professional growth



Ultra Laundry

Our company got Oter for the team 2 months ago, and I have seen a significant rise in the amount of reading and learning that I can now fit into my days. Since getting the app, I have read over 15 books and recommended the Microbooks and the App to many of my peers outside the organisation as well. It’s a great app




We’ve seen a lot of enthusiasm and excitement towards our decision to adopt Oter as an e-book partner for the team. At Jacksclub.io, we want to provide our people with the best tools and resources to help them upgrade at their own pace and preference. Oter is a great app to partner with in this case


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